Observatory on Mothers

Research project on mommyblogging

Client: Sfera Editore
Scientific supervisor: Paola Dubini
Research team: Paolo Prestinari (2009); Mario Campana, Maria Rita Micheli, Chiara Paolino, Fattore Mamma (2010); Francesco Pasetti


The relationship between mothers and information concerns both the informational content supplied by different medias or by users and the communication addressed to mothers by those enterprises aiming at selling specific products or services.
The object of the study are women with sons from -9 months to 14 years old. The research focuses on the process of selecting, filtering, sharing and validating information connected to decisions with a significant effect on domestic economy or on families' choices.
The Observatory has been built in different steps.

  1. Mommyblogging
    In 2009 we have gathered data on a sample of nearly 8.000 mothers and we produced a first report.
  2. Mothers and public opinion formation
    In 2010 the sample has been incremented by 4.000 mothers. The research outputs have been presented through: a workshop, organized by Università Bocconi, addressed to specialized publics; a meeting, organized by RCS, addressed to mothers; and a meeting for a selected group of managers of enterprises offering products and services for families.
  3. The mothers' awareness: contents and sources in the process of information
    In 2011 the Observatory has been renewed on the basis of the experiences gained. The reports contain information on the characteristics of the sample and on the variability of the results depending on the characteristics of the mothers, their children's age and the product considered. The research outputs have been presented through two events, organized by Sfera Editore.