Alternative distribution system for Italian independent cinema

The case of Vittorio Moroni and 50N

Scientific supervisor: Paola Dubini
Research team: Gaia Brunelli


The global film industry is experiencing dramatic changes worldwide. In Italy, the existent incentives for audio-visual production are mainly devoted to films with a highest rate of forecasted box office success. At the same time, while multiplexes are increasing in the urban suburbs, the number of art houses in the city centers has slowly decreased over the recent years. In this scenario, auteur films struggle to find their window for theatrical distribution.
Therefore, an issue raised concerning the future of auteur cinema, whether theatrical distribution will remain a crucial element for auteur films, or whether this kind of productions will mainly be tied to film festivals and digital distribution.
The research is intended to present the experience of the director Vittorio Moroni, who engaged in an alternative process of self-distribution, with his organization "50Notturno". His experience shows that even smaller auteur films can overcome distribution obstacles and reach the audience which share a "loveful perseverance toward cinema”.

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50Notturno "Un'ostinazione piena di passione per il cinema"