Observatory on contemporary art

Network of artists and galleries

Scientific supervisor: Stefano Baia Curioni
Research team: Laura Forti, Raffaella Piccarreta, Marta Equi Pierazzini, Elena Rizzi, Roberto Scalmana

The Observatory for Contemporary Art presents the result of an exploration carried out on the visibility, the recognition and the processes of verification of the contemporary art production in the last years, from 2005 to 2013.
This time span gives the opportunity to consider the impact of the global crisis of 2008 and, simultaneously, of the massive increase in the art market's geographical scope after the emergence of the BRIC scenes.
As a primary unit of observation we consider the Art Basel fair: monitoring the artists brought by all the galleries that participate to the event, we can gather elements about the policies implemented by the top segment of the art dealing world. The commercial and cultural intentions embedded in these policies shape the way in which the art system interprets the globalization and find an answer to the dimensional growth of the market, with all the possible implications on the meanings and nature of the visual arts as a whole. 

We then complemented the data with the list of all the collective and solo exhibitions held, in the same years, in 34 selected contemporary art museums worldwide. The final dataset includes information about more than 15,500 artists, 730 galleries, 34 museums and nearly 5,000 exhibits.


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Special projects

  • Biennale di Venezia - 14 Mostra Internazionale di Architettura. Partecipazione alla sezione ‘Week-end specials’ con il progetto "The state of the art".


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