MUSA press conference

Le Dimore del Quartetto

The press conference launching the activities of the first step of the project MUSA – European young MUsicians soft Skills Alliance<will be held in the new spaces of Le Dimore del Quartetto, in Milan.

Will intervine:
Filippo del Corno
Councillor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan
Francesca Moncada
Funder and sole director of Le Dimore del Quartetto
Simone Gramaglia
Artistic director of Le Dimore del Quartetto and of MUSA
Paola Dubini
Professor of economics at Università Bocconi
Simona Maccagnani
Director of the IED Research Centre.

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MUSA – European young MUsicians soft Skills Alliance, is a project addressed to young professional string quartets, composed of musicians between 20 and 35 years of age, who steadly work togheter and focus on the classical chamber repertoire, in order to provide them with a range of entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and competences, which, despite being fundamental for their professional career, are almost completely absent from their general curriculum.