The cultural needs of Milan

Analysis of the cultural needs of some neighborhoods of the city of Milan

Client: Milan Municipality
Research team: Paola Dubini (Scientific supervisor), Laura Forti (Coordinator), Sara De Giorgi

The project promoted by the Milan Culture Department has as one of its prerequisites the analysis of the city's cultural needs. The analysis will be carried out by considering data from various sources.

Objectives of the task are: 

  • to propose as reliable an analysis as possible of the city's cultural needs, which are more difficult to frame than the needs of other services that contribute to the well-being and growth of the city's communities, with the ultimate goal of directing the use of resources; 
  • to give as articulated a structuring of the offer of cultural services as possible in relation to the "needs" emerging from the city community on the basis of a strategic planning that does not have as its only guiding principle the conjugation between the private interests of the operators and the willingness of the administration to accept the proposals made.